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Thread: Source Priority?

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    Unhappy Source Priority?

    Hi Wowza-Community!

    We are using the Wowza-Trial to figure out the possibilities of this streaming server.

    My question: Is there a kind of "priority streaming" possible in wowza?

    I'll try to explain (sorry 4 my english):
    We are a non-commercial webradio station with video stream.
    In the night, and when there is no live DJ on air, we use a auto-rotation, which plays music, and the viewers can look at some images in the video.
    Now - if a live DJ wants to broadcast his show, he have to connect to the live-stream. but he can't, because the auto-rotation occupies the live-port.

    If there would be a kind of priority, the DJ could connect, and the auto-rotation would be disconnected - till the DJ disconnects.

    Is it possible to realize this with Wowza?

    Edit: Could it be possible with a solution like this: , but with a live-stream instead of a mp4?
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    I'm not sure I follow your case, but it looks like you want to have one published stream, but also want to be able to change the source on the fly.
    if that's the case, yes, you can do that. You'll need to write some control module of what do you want to use as input for the output.

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    The Loop until Live example might be a good starting place or reference


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