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    I want to add another server (#2) to my wowza... Nowadays, people stream and watch the stream in server #1.... but its getting overload.
    I have to buy another server and a 2nd license of Wowza for the second server.... People will allways continue to stream to server #1 only.

    1. What will be the configurations of server #2??
    2. When clients connect, who will make the choice in wich server goes to get the stream? Is Wowza? or is it a PHP script that I make in the parameters of the SWF player?
    3. What configuration will be in the SWF parameters to get server #1 or server #2?
    (I'm refering to the following line:


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    Please take a look at the Wowza Load Balancing addon package. It might be what you are looking for.


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    So, what is the diference between the implementation of LiveRepeater (Origin-Edge) and Wowza Load Balancing addon ??


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    Origin/Edge configuration is to allow quick deployment of edges to handle multiple viewers (by separating publishing and playback into origin/edge). The load balancer allows for redirecting to the edge that has the least load on it for new requests. It is a means to distribute the playback evenly across all of your edges.

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    So, in your opinion, according to my initial description, what would be the most appropriate solution?

    Regarding (once again) that:

    People will continue to stream to rtmp://

    Watchers of live streams will get the stream from rtmp:// and in the future from rtmp://

    So... the stream from server1 will be replicated to server2 and server3. Watchers, will pick up randomly the server2 or server3 so that stream can handle MUCH more viewers with many servers.

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    If you have two machines, you can make one an origin and edge, and the other an edge and load balancer.

    Just follow the Live Stream Repeater Guide to configure the origin and edge applications, and the Load Balancer Guide. The server you install the Load Balancer on will be the Load Balancer Listener and Load Balancer Sender. The other one will just be a Load Balancer Sender (each edge must be a LB Sender).

    Do one at a time. First set up the Live Stream Repeater and test by streaming from an edge. Then setup the Load Balancer Listener and Senders to distribute connections to each edge. If you need hands-on help, you can post in the Find a Consultant Forum or write to and ask for the list of Independent Consultants.


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    Ok.. Thanks...

    I now understand that I have to implement both solutions... LiveRepeater + LoadBalancing


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    Yes that's correct, by using both you're repeating the stream so that it can be viewed from all servers and load balancing the viewers evenly across the servers where the stream is available.


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