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Thread: Video Recording Auto Behaviour

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    I am working in Wowza origin-edge module. I am transrating the video in three bitrates at edge server. I am also recording the three videos at edge server.

    Sometime the videos recording stops at edge (stream issue). But sometime I see for a stream (say stream1).. stream1_240p , stream2_360p recording freezes... whereas.. recording stream1_720p continues. How could that be possible? Recording of transrated video of same stream, some stops.. some continues.

    This is really strange.. What could be issue.. any idea on this?


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    Can you share the specs of the edge server where the streams are being trans-rated and recorded?

    It is possible the server can not keep up.


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    Hi Salvadore,

    I am using M1 Large EC2 Instance. I am transrating 3- 1mbps H.264 stream to 1mbps(bypass), 720kbps and 360kbps.

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    Yeah, M1.Large is the bare minimum you can use for this and it looks like it is not cutting it for your situation.

    You may need to move to a larger EC2 instance type.


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    Take a look at the EC2 instance types/. Ideally, for heavy recording and transcoding, you probably want the hi1.4xlarge or hs1.8xlarge

    HI1 Instances can deliver more than 120,000 4 KB random read IOPS and between 10,000 and 85,000 4 KB random write IOPS (depending on active logical block addressing span) to applications. The maximum sequential throughput on is approximately 2 GB/s read and 1.1 GB/s write.
    3 HS1 Instances can deliver 2.4 GB/s of 2 MB sequential read performance and 2.6 GB/s of sequential write performance.

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