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Thread: Content of live stream get mixed when using RTSP not interleaved

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    Default Content of live stream get mixed when using RTSP not interleaved


    I have multiple live streams running in Wowza Server using RTSP in interleaved mode.

    When I change it to UDP mode I have the content of one stream going to another.

    I was wondering if it is because I run out of UDP port and to stream are going to the same UDP port.

    Any tip how to fix is?


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    Yes, it sounds like the the streams are trying to stream over the same port. Each stream should use its own port.

    Or you can enable UDP port sharing


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    The manual says

    If set to true, then UDP ports (both unicast and multicast) can be shared between Session Description Protocol (SDP) files and MPEG-TS streams or shared between application instances. This enables two SDP files to share RTP ports. For example, if you have a single video stream with multiple audio streams (each in a different language), then you can create two SDP files that share the single RTP video stream and refer to a unique audio stream. This also enables the same SDP file or MPEG-TS stream to be loaded by different application instances.
    If set to false, UDP ports aren't allowed to be shared and an error is generated if an attempt is made to reuse a UDP port.

    It seems I should use this option if I want to share a video stream with multiple audio channels.

    In my case the streams are not related and they are getting mixed even with DatagramPortSharing set as false. It is not generating an error as explained in the manual.

    I am working with cams and the sdp files are generated dynamically by the cams.

    Is there something else I can try.




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    I have same problem here - do you have a sollution?

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    You may want to adjust the port recycling time, possible using this method, so that ports aren't re-used too soon in your case.
    See if that helps.


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