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    We are developing an application for a new project. We want to record 2 or 3 shortl videos. We need to create a playlist that will call video 1 and once video 1 is played then immediately starts playing video 2 and once 2 is finished then video 3 with no buffering or delay.
    I want to use http protocol via HLS streams to do this. Can wowza accomplish this task?
    Depending on who receives the info, video 1 and video 2 will be different files but video 3 will always be the same.

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    Take a look at these articles:

    How to loop a pre-roll until a live stream starts
    How to do scheduled streaming with Stream class streams (server listener)

    This should provide you with a working concept of how Wowza can schedule VOD assets and live streams in a playlist capacity.


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    For vod playlist, take a look at the pre-roll example

    Note that this only works for RTMP clients.


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