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Thread: IOS cannot play video only without audio

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    Question IOS cannot play video only without audio

    We are using the liverecord application to record a file which has video but no audio.
    This file can be played fine on web and mobile while it is publishing. Once the publishing finishes and the vod is created, the resulting file plays only on the web. It cannot play it on the mobile, although the playlist.m3u8 does show valid entries, except that there is a "null" in the CODECS area.


    How can we fix this?

    Thank you

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    The audio codec portion normally follows where the null is. Is there audio in the recording?

    We'll need to see a sample recording to help figure this out.
    Please send / email this and zipped [install-dir]/conf and logs folders
    that correspond to the same timeframe the recorded file was produced.
    to Please share the files and link to them
    if they are too big to send via emaiil.
    In your email to support also reference this post url.


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