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Thread: wowza 3.6.2 restream

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    Default wowza 3.6.2 restream

    i use wowza 362 and i have a link from another wowza rtmp://ip:9293/live/treket-94753463?token=98724927348 HOW CANN restream from my wowza
    i have try to put in content and i have conect like it rtmp://dyn:1935/live/ but not work
    what cann i do

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    If it is a protected stream (as indicated by the token) and you do not control the origin, it won't work. But you can re-stream from another Wowza server with MediaCaster type "liverepeater".


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    Default resteam

    i dont have control to the origin and i think is protected stream as it shows from the token can you please provide me more detailed example with what i have to add to the config files of the wowza 3.6 server in order to re-stream the protected streams. I know i can use ffmpeg to publish the stream to the wowza but i dont want to use other applications except wowza to do this job.

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