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Thread: General Questions before first install of wowza at client site.

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    Default General Questions before first install of wowza at client site.

    Hello, here are some general questions I have not able to find the answers to.

    1. What is the max number of live rtsp streams you can put into wowza and still get good quality and performance?
    We want to stream 32 ip cams into wowza using the rtsp streams from the cameras.
    We will be setting the stream to something like D1 resolution at 320x240 or something similar.

    2. Does wowza stream all the time? Or just when a client requests the stream?
    I have read it both ways. That it only streams when requested... and that it streams all the time.
    We are going to stream to PC and to ios.

    3. Is there a way to tell how much bandwidth. (Mbps) each wowza stream is using?
    I have seen modules that let you count how many streams there are (streamcount) but I did not ready anything about the actual bandwidth.


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    #1 There is no incoming stream limit built into Wowza. The limiting factor here would be CPU and memory.
    You will need to tune your server and test what you can achieve:
    Performance Tuning

    #2 For RTMP clients you can use a stream type of "rtp-live" and Wowza will start pulling the stream when a client request is made. For HTTP(iOS) clients there is nothing you can do. Wowza will need to continuously pull the streams to make the available to these clients.

    #3 here is one way to do this:
    Show thread


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