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Thread: videorecording - flv doesn't get saved entirely, or flv is damaged

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    Default videorecording - flv doesn't get saved entirely, or flv is damaged


    We are facing a bug that happens quite often, but not every time. The recorded video doesn't get saved properly and cannot be viewed full length, on the beginning. Other times, it works fine

    User records a 5 second video simply using
    netStreamOut.publish("filename", "record");

    I am using netStreamOut.bufferTime = 5 to keep the video nice and smooth and not let it freeze.

    VLC playback:
    If I open the video in VLC, it recognizes the 5 sec length, but can only play the first 2-3 seconds.
    Any idea why it can happen?

    Flash playback:
    Video simply stops.

    We are combining the recorded video with another video, so FFMPEG is using that. What it showed us is that the sound gets recorded and saved just fine, but imagery is missing.

    Strange and we have a campaign up and running.

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    You can increase the bufferTime much higher. See if a bufferTime of 60 helps with this issue


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    Didn't really make any difference unfortunately.

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    Take a look at the VideoRecording example that ships with Wowza, especially at how a recording is ended allowing the buffer to play out.

    You might also consider using h.264 video and Speex audio for better compression. Take a look at this article.


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    Thanks. I updated the frontend and it is now using the technique to let the buffer play out first, then publish("null") is called as per the example.
    Now, the case is that we either receive perfect files, or files with 173bytes, so totally broken ones. I would say the ratio between perfect and damaged files are 60-40 now.

    I just changed publish("null") to close() as documentation states the file gets written on the server when calling close(). Let's see what happens.

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