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Thread: Start stream delayed X minutes

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    Angry Start stream delayed X minutes

    I'm receiving ip camera live stream and I want to delay the stream 10 minutes I'm very disappointed from Wowza DVR.
    So I thought with a different way to delay receiving the stream for 10 minutes either in startupstreams.xml or other thing.

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    Please don't post multiple posts for the same question.

    Another way to accomplish this (we've discussed using the delay package already) would be a combination of HTTPLiveStreamRecord and the scheduler. You could record 5 minute segments with HTTPLiveStreamRecord, and play back the recordings with the scheduler. The trick would be two change the name of each recording to what file names that are being used by the scheduler. For that you can use the IMediaWriterActionNotify API

    Seems a little involved and it does require some coding, but it is achievable. If you need help, as you asked in your other post, you can post in the Find a Consultant forum or write to and ask for the list of consultants.


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