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Thread: Eventstreaming for ~ 2000 Viewers

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    Default Eventstreaming for ~ 2000 Viewers


    we plan to livestream an event with the following specs

    * up to 2000 viewers.
    * Transcoding to Adaptive, 720p, 360p, 240p, 160p and Audio only.
    * Support for Android and iOS
    * Upstream expected via Wirecast/FMLE in 720p @1,8MBit/s

    We would like to use Wowza.
    I calculated a bit and I think Amazon EC2 will be too expensive.

    I'm thinking about 4-5 OVH mSP's. Using a Origin/Edge constellation.

    Will this be enough? Is it hard to configure Wowza to run it stable (and secure)?
    Does "Dynamic Load Balancing Solution" do all the work to balance between the servers or is this more complex?

    If we additionally would use nDVR ... will this need more ressources? How much?
    Is it possible to record all streamed streams to the servers hdd? Is there a script needed or does Wowza support this out of stock?

    We are thinking about using the servers after the event to stream with different persons. Is there some kind of user accounting?

    Greetings from Germany

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    *To answer you last question first. Wowza offers Daily, Monthly and Perpetual licensing.
    *For audio only streams you will not need to use the Transcoder Add on.
    *The specs of OVH mSP server is very good, and 4 should be the most you would need.
    *The Load Balancer will handle this very well with little configuration on your part.
    *Have a look at HTTPLiveStreamRecord for recording to disc.
    *for security, have a look at the Media Security Overview page

    If you feel like you need any help in setting all this up, you can post to the find a consultant forum to find very capable hired help.


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