I have the following issue logged recently on a server.
Using Wowza (same problem with Wowza
There is a code for checking if a client can connect to the stream, similar to this

public void onHTTPCupertinoStreamingSessionCreate(HTTPStreamerSessionCupertino httpSession) 
		String status = Check.onConnect(httpSession.getAppInstance().getApplication().getName(), httpSession.getIpAddress());//Handeled in class, if exception Rejected

			//it is allowed
				WMSLoggerFactory.getLogger(null).error("DEBUG onHTTPCupertinoStreamingSessionCreate Rejected Status: " + status +
						" app: " + httpSession.getAppInstance().getApplication().getName() + " IP: " + httpSession.getIpAddress() + " Referrer: " + httpSession.getReferrer());
This works ok, until a connection is rejected. Here what is inside the log

DEBUG onHTTPCupertinoStreamingSessionCreate Rejected Status: Rejected, app: live IP: xx.xx.xx.xx Referrer: something
This means that the session is rejected and logged, but after this is logged in the logs I get "infinite" log entries like this

WARN	server	comment	2013-10-02	00:33:17	-	-	-	-	-	38080.186	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.onPlaylist[live/_definst_/myStream/chunklist_w1329948076.m3u8]: Session not accepted[1329948076]
this is logged on every 2 sec until the server stopped and was restarted.

Maybe it is nothing because is a warning but few days ago only 4 sessions like this had cause increase in the production servers cpu and ram and crached the wowza server.
Why is this behavior logged , what to change to avoid problems?
Need answer fast because it is close to peak time and I want to avoid restarting the server.