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Thread: Daily licence bought but no licence key given

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    Exclamation Daily licence bought but no licence key given


    I've trying to use Wowza on an EC2 server, which is configured using the Wowza AMI 3.6.2 latest.
    I've bought the daily licence, but no licence key was given, and I've not received any email of confirmation, is that normal ?
    Nevertheless, I've tried to login using the email/password asked during the buy processus, and it says the email does not exists...
    Did I do something wrong ?

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    You should have received a response via email containing your new key and confirming your license key purchase. It is possible that something went wrong in the process. I would suggest that you check your spam/junk email filter, as applicable, in case it is caught at that level.

    To resolve your issue, please send an email to The Billing team will be able to quickly resolve this matter.

    Our pre-built EC2 AMI's are configured with a devpay (embeded license) or a lickey (bring your own license). A lickey configured instance will startup and run, however, the capabilities are very limited - you will need to install your new daily license key to achieve full functionality. To do so, follow these instructions from the Quick Start Guide..

    For more information about Wowza for EC2, see the following resources:

    Wowza for EC2 User's Guide
    List of EC2 Articles

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    Thx @tim_d, I've copied my message to the support mail too, I'm waiting for an answer.
    I've checked my mails and my spam box, but no mail from wowza...

    For info, I've installed an lickey AMI.
    By the way, a few days ago, when clicking on the link for subscribing to AWS from the step 1 here :
    the process ends with the wowza activation which linkes to a non existing page on wowza website.... so I did subscribe to AWS in other way, and have taken the AMI from there.
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    Thanks for notifying us of this issue, I'll flag this to the relevant team so it can be corrected.


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