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Thread: Wowza weird behaviour

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    Question Wowza weird behaviour


    I am relaying multiple stream using origin-edge combination. Nowdays At a particular time of day we are facing some degrade in our injecting stream quality which is causing Wowza to log with Packet drop message.

    At that moment.. the live stream doesn't play well (which is acceptable as because the source stream itself is poor).I monitored the CPU usage.. at the stream degrade time the CPU goes very high at 100%

    But, when the stream goes good.. Wowza does not recovers to its earlier state and it continuously logs packet drop message.

    But if I restart the wowza everything goes fine.

    I have checked on this behavior multiple time. I always have to restart wowza to bring it back to earlier state, even after the stream comes back in good condition.

    Is restarting wowza the only solution. Why wowza does not recover itself once the stream becomes good


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    Is the server tuned correctly for a production environment?
    When Wowza starts you will see how many CPU's it has available to it printed in the log files, you can then use this number to calculate the [total core count] as described in the tuning guide below,
    Tuning Guide

    I also recommend for the problematic stream that you take a look through the advanced stream monitor which may be able to resolve the issue.
    Advanced monitoring and resetting of MediaCaster streams


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