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Thread: WebRTC and Wowza interconnection

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    Default WebRTC and Wowza interconnection

    You can share WebRTC stream with Wowza users.

    1. Install Flashphoner RTMP SIP Gateway - it is Wowza extension, which able to establish Wowza - SIP/RTP connection.
    2. Install Flashphoner Web Call Server 3 - it is WebRTC SIP Gateway that able to establish WebRTC - SIP/RTP connection.

    So, you can initiate WebRTC call using such path:

    WebRTC client -1-> Flashphoner WCS3 -2-> SIP Proxy -3-> Wowza+RSGW -4-> Wowza web client

    At the point (4) you can connect multiple Wowza subscribers to the stream.

    Finally you have the case:
    1. Somebody publishes the WebRTC stream.
    2. Wowza clients play the stream.

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    Some updates here:
    We have almost developed a simple WebRTC plugin for Wowza Media Server. Please leave your feedback there.

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    Default Wowza Streaming Engine Supports WebRTC

    Wowza supports WebRTC Streaming, including ingestion and stream playback, in Wowza Streaming Engine™. Some of the specific WebRTC features include:

    • WebRTC ingestion
    • WebRTC playback
    • Transcoder support to decode/encode VP8/VP9 video and Vorbis/Opus audio codecs
    • Input and output of VP8/VP9, Vorbis/Opus via RTSP/RTP
    • HTTP provider to do WebRTC SDP exchange
    • And more!

    To learn more or watch a demo, check out the WebRTC streaming software capabilities page.

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