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Thread: H.264 Live Streams - 500 IP Cameras+

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    Default H.264 Live Streams - 500 IP Cameras+


    We have a upcoming project in 2014 which will have over 500 live H.264 streams of street traffic monitoring.
    The I.P. cameras are supplying the feed at 15 fps - 360p which are wireless and the transmit rate is 4 Mbits per stream back to HQ.
    The camera is static and the traffic is moving along the street.
    The main HQ network is 10 Gigabits.

    Live Monitoring
    The traffic will be monitored by a team of personnel on a multi-screen video wall.
    They require being able to monitor the traffic in real-time from all the 500+ video cameras.

    We have looked at the performance article that you often refer to in the forum.

    Our main questions
    1. How many Wowza Servers do you think will will need, assume they are very high spec dedicated Win 2012 - 64 bit servers (possibly a rack of blade servers)?
    2. If we use the transrate encoder then we assume that we need 500 add on licences or can we use multi copies of Wowza perpetual?

    Any guidance or suggestions would be much appreciated.



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    Incoming live streams is usually limited by CPU and memory (whereas playback is usually limited by the server's bandwidth). 100 - 200 incoming live streams is possible with well tuned servers and 10g nic. Note that Wowza/Java can only saturate about 5g of your network capacity, which is Java limitation. This article discussed installing 2 Wowza instances on one server as a work-around to that limitation.

    You can use multiple copies of a Subscription license, but you cannot use multiple copies of a Perpetual license. You will probably need subscription license in any case for this.


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