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Thread: nDVR with no video only stream

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    Default nDVR with no video only stream

    Hi there ... I've a IP video camera sending Wowza a stream with no audio
    I'm receiving it and recording content using nDVR, and transcoding as well (template with no audio)

    I keep getting log errors saying something like following example

    WARN server comment - DvrStreamStoreBase.storeChunks[savoy/_definst_/savoy.stream_720p/savoy.stream_720p.0] : V/D packet times differ by more than 2000 ms. Resetting data packetTime. vTime=7903685503 dTime=7903690394

    Stream doesn't have audio, so, if DVR is looking for A/V alignment, it won't happen. I configured it not to record audio (RecordAudio = false)

    When I try to play DVR, I get chunks with negative duration like following example


    is there anything else I need to set up to deal with Video only stream with nDVR and Transcoder?

    I'm using 3.5.2 by the way


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    Try settiing rtspStreamAudioTrack:false in your .stream file, as shown in this guide


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