Hey guys,
My client acquired a Wowza PRO version, full license including a Transcoder license.
There are 3 things I do not know (yet) how to do, and the client needs them.

1. Make the current version of the TV station - that includes the playlist features - working with the transcoder for all the platforms. I have serious problems mixing these 2 technologies.
2. For the sake of bandwidth saving, some of the items in the playlist are MP3s (audio only) some of them are MP4 (audio and video). We had to build a flash player that is able to detect the time and display static pictures for mp3s. You should imagine that for lopping playlist entries, huge sync problems occur. However, receiving from iPhone or iPad will not display that picture as it is processed on a client side flash. For the sake of unification, can I declare a live-video streaming where to only PUSH a picture when someone connects and just play the audio on that stream? A sort of live manipulation of the audio/video stream?
3. Let's say I dynamically add a new entry in the playlist, I would like the current playing item to fade out nicely instead of just cutting it off. I might be able to do that for the video, using the overlay feature of the Transcoder - did not even start that - but for the audio I could not find anything. Could you guys lead me to the right track for this? Maybe there is a fade-out / fade-in plugin or something for the entire audio-video stream. I could not find it, tho.

Thank you.