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Thread: Paradox - Live Streaming - Which method

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    Here is the scenario :

    Each location has different ip address.

    Location1 : Stream source is at this location. Software is able to stream-out in RTP-Mpeg, RTP-TS, RTSP, UDP, HTTP.

    Location2 : Wowza will be running at this location. Until now, I am only able to stream in RTSP format with sdp.
    Acc to wowza support team members' explanation, Wowza does not stream-out as HTTP and it does not accept Mpeg2-TS format as stream-input (if i am not wrong)

    Location3 : Set-top-box will be running at this location. It does not support RTSP. It accepts HTTP or RTP lines.

    In my understanding, there is no way to achieve this aim.

    Please let me know on which way i should proceed.

    Thanks in advance
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