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Thread: Understanding of Transcoder AddOn

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    Default Understanding of Transcoder AddOn


    I'd like to clarify something on understanding Transcoder AddOn.

    There are multiple <Encode> blocks in the transrate.xml file. If I enable all of the blocks, does it mean that Wowza will detect the live stream playing devices' system and choose the suitable one to play back the stream, e.g. choose 160p for a low performance system?

    Does the encode block named "source" stand for the incoming source stream? If so, what's the difference between the PassThru and H.264 under Video/Codec? As I thought if you choose PassThru there will be no adaptive bitrate delivery.

    After I enabled the mystream.xml file using default setting under Transcoder/Templates, I can't play the streaming fully scaled when full screen? How can I make it fully scaled?

    In the application.xml, if I set the "Transcoder"-"Template" to mystream.xml, must I use the to receive stream in Stream Manager? Or the mystream.xml file just enables the transrate functions without affecting the play of stream?

    I actually use a H.264 1080P video to be my source stream, but the display quality of playing back is quite low. Did I miss any parts to make it high quality?

    Sorry for the verbose, I'm new to Wowza. Thank you.
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    Hi there,

    1) The transrate.xml file will create a set of key frame aligned renditions of the stream so that you can do Adaptive bit rate streaming. All renditions must be key frame aligned for ABR switching to work.
    But the Transcoder only creates the set, it does not enable ABR switching on its own. Here is a tutorial for setting this up:
    How to create and play SMIL files with streams created by Wowza Transcoder

    2) If you want to use your source stream as the highest quality rendition in the ABR group, you will need to transrate the source to maintain key frame alignment with the rest of the group.

    3) Not sure about this. It sounds like you are playing back on of the transrated renditions? Which would have been scaled down by the Transcoder with the default Transrate template. Can you explain further?

    4) I believe the template can have what ever name you want to give it. Then you enable it in your Application.xml file. The Transcoder will then give the transrated streams the name of the live stream coming in. To play back a rendition you would use a URL like this for iOS clients as an example:

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