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    Default Play VOD TS in browser

    I have a requirement to be able to play a Transport Stream file (with h264/AVC and HE-AACv1) in a browser. We are currently using Unreal Media server to accomplish this for our TS files with AAC-LC, but it struggles with HEv1. Can Wowza accomplish this?

    I have looked through the forums but can only find references to people want to stream out a TS to the likes of a set top box, not take in a TS and stream to browser player.

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    I have been using Wowza for on demand streaming and it works with AAC - HEv1 (or v2) for devices that support these profiles. You can read for an exact match of what is supported for each protocol.

    .ts files are not supported as input material for VOD with Wowza. However if you have an mp4 file for example with H264/AAC you can force output to MPEG-TS when streaming on demand with RTSP/RTP Historically MPEG-TS has been widely used on IP/set top boxes that is why most articles on Wowza forums revolve around this subject. Assuming you are using some kind of plugin for your web page (VLC or QuickTime or Real player) you could test your configuration with a Wowza trial license.

    Arnaud L.

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    Hi there. Thanks for the reply. We have no control over the incoming files unfortunately, so no option of using mp4. I'm commissioning an in house QC system for a large broadcaster that delivers VOD to many platforms. I am currently using Unreal Media Server, which allows me to view TS files (h264 & AAC-LC) as well as the WMV, mpeg-2 in a browser perfectly, but one platform we deliver to required a TS with h264 and AAC-HEv1, which Unreal struggles with, it won't play the audio, so I've been hunting for other solutions.

    What we require is sort of the other way round to what a lot of the streaming companies offer, in that we want to give a streaming server many different file types, and for it to stream them all out as something that can be played in a common browser with a common player.

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    Please find the link to Supported File Formats and the list below,
    Video and Audio
    FLV (Flash Video - .flv)
    MP4 (QuickTime container - .mp4, .f4v, .mov, .m4a, .m4v, .mp4a, .mp4v, .3gp, and .3g2)
    MP3 (.mp3)
    .ismv, .isma


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