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Thread: Wowza live stream pauses and resumes automatically after 30 seconds

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    Default Wowza live stream pauses and resumes automatically after 30 seconds

    Hello everyone,

    I setup the Live stream app and it was working fine but since last two days I am facing this problem with the my live stream,
    it runs fine but it stops and resumes every 10 seconds.
    Total connected users were 37-40.
    Ram and CPU status are fine.
    I have restarted the wowza media server service and even restarted the encoder.

    I have checked logs but I don't see any errors except Missing function: stop/start Transmit.

    I need to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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    * What version of Wowza are you running?
    * What clients are you testing on?
    * Is the pause always 10 seconds long? (Title says 30 but the message says 10)
    * Have you tested the stream locally? Do you have the same issue?
    * What is the size (quality) of the stream?


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    Have you followed the steps in the Performance Tuning Guide? This very important step will configure Wowza to take advantage of all the available resources on the host server.


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    I am running Wowza Version 3.5 in virtual private server of 4GB RAM.
    The problem is it pauses for just about a or two seconds and then resumes.
    The TV viewers are our audience.

    My AFMLE encoder settings are :
    Video settings:
    Card type: blackmagic.
    Format: H.264
    Frame Rate: 15
    Input size: 720*576
    Bit Rate: 350 Kbps
    Output Size: 320*256

    Audio Settings:
    Format: mp3
    Channels: mono:
    Sample Rate : 44100 Hz
    Bit Rate: 128 Kbps
    Total Bandwith required = 478 Kbps

    Locally it has no issue.
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    If you have the option to use AAC audio in FMLE you should use it, otherwise for mp3 audio change "mono" to "stereo".

    Also what is your GOP(Group of Pictures/key frame interval)? it should be 1 or 2 seconds or every 15 to 30 frames.

    What size is your network interface controller(NIC) on the server?


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    You are actually showing Output Size not Bit Rate. What is the Bit Rate setting? Try making is significantly (try half) lower. See if that helps. Your description sounds like the bitrate is a little higher than the client bandwidth.


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    I have corrected the Bitrate and added the output size
    Bit Rate = 350Kbps
    Output Size =320*240

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