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Thread: unable to play audio with video on IPhone/IPad

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    Unhappy unable to play audio with video on IPhone/IPad

    I am trying to create the chat & video broadcasting application using the wowza media server.

    On Desktop/Laptop it is working fins using the Action script code. But when I try to play the stream on IOS Device like IPhone & IPad, then not getting the video & audio. But once I stop adding the H264 setting from flash code and start publishing again. Now getting the Video properly but still not received the audio stream on devices.

    With current setting which playing the video on device I added the transcoder on wowza server to convert the SPEEX to AAC audio and try again to play this on devices. But still same result no audio but video coming properly.

    Any suggestion and ideas are most welcome, as already spent so many time on this but no luck with this.

    any one have any solution on this ?


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    Are you sure you are playing the transcoded version of the stream? It could be you are still playing the source.


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