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Thread: Live broadcasting with user paricipating: how to prevent republishing on a stream?

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    Default Live broadcasting with user paricipating: how to prevent republishing on a stream?

    My goal is to achieve service, where some people are talking in realtime and the others are just watching.
    So, every user can connect to a stream for listening, but only the chosen ones can publish in that streams.
    The problem is that when somebody legally publishing (speaking) on a stream the other one, let's call him a hacker can also try to publish on that stream. There's no problem to detect that he is trying to hack, the problem is how to kick him off. stream.getClient().shutdownClient(), stream.shutdown(), stream.close() is all wrong, legall publisher will stop publish content and subscribes will see that he is disconnected. I think the problem is that I'm disconnecting hacker after he rule on the stream.
    So, I can't figure out how to disconnect user when he is trying to publish something before he actually 'touches' the stream.
    I'm using onPublish called of a stream.addClientListener on a IMediaStreamActionNotify2.
    I can't block publishing with a standard way with passwords file because access to publishing must be granted in real time. (e.g. operator decides, who can and who cannot).

    The solution is easy I need a hook like onBeforePublish, but I can't find it.
    Thanks and hello from Sibirea!

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    You can use IClient.setShutdownClient(true).


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    Nope, it kills stream for viewers anyway.
    I'm solve this problem with override publish method. Seems to be work.

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