hi, anybody can tell me whats a problem on playing two stream or more than two stream by same application name"live" by hit different url just changing the name of stream i,e 'rsstream0','rsstream1','rsstream2'
the url is
all the abve url are play on flash by browser it is playing single by application . but when i would combine all the stream on
code :

private static int STREAM_SIZE =6;

public void onServerInit(IServer arg0) {


IVHost vhost = VHostSingleton.getInstance(VHost.VHOST_DEFAULT);

for(int sCount = 0; sCount < STREAM_SIZE; sCount++)
Playlist p0 = new Playlist("playlist" + sCount);
p0.addItem("mp3:" + sCount + ".mp3", 0, -1);
Stream rsstream0 = Stream.createInstance(vhost,"live","rsstream0");
IStreamActionNotify actionNotify0 = new StreamListener();
else if(sCount<4)
Playlist p1 = new Playlist("playlist" + sCount);
p1.addItem("mp3:" + sCount + ".mp3", 0, -1);
Stream rsstream1 = Stream.createInstance(vhost,"live","rsstream1");
IStreamActionNotify actionNotify0 = new StreamListener();
else if(sCount<6)
Playlist p2 = new Playlist("playlist" + sCount);
p2.addItem("mp3:" + sCount + ".mp3", 0, -1);
Stream rsstream2 = Stream.createInstance(vhost,"live","rsstream2");
IStreamActionNotify actionNotify2 = new StreamListener();


where variable 'sCount' contain the .mp3 file name i,e 0,1,2,3,4,5.... stream size i,e private static int STREAM_SIZE = 6;

the problem is that..
the wowza cant start streaming all the stream at the same time , my requirement is that when i would change the url on different browser flash player . according to stream url this stream url must have to play
my work is now just like to play radio . and change the channel according to user requirement like audio on demand i,e stream on demand

so, please any one have help about this issue to load all the stream at the same time , and play according to url pattern .

thanks and regards
sagar aher