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Thread: what is the problem when i play multiple stream on same live application. ?

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    Post what is the problem when i play multiple stream on same live application. ?

    hi ..! ,
    i have a problem when i would play the single stream on 'live' application like radio offline and open and play this stream on web browser i,e flash player. it is playing properly
    but when i have created multiple stream i,e 'rsstream0','rsstream1','rsstream2' it cant play properly i,e we get following different testing result

    1) when i play one stream 'rsstream0' or 'rsstream1' or 'rsstream2' the first stream is playing but remaining stream not play .
    2) some time two stream have played but 1 stream not played .
    3) some time all the stream have not played.

    here is the program to play this stream

    private static int STREAM_SIZE = 6;

    public void onServerInit(IServer arg0) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    WMSLoggerFactory.getLogger(null).info("onServerIni t");

    IVHost vhost0 = VHostSingleton.getInstance(VHost.VHOST_DEFAULT);
    IVHost vhost1 = VHostSingleton.getInstance(VHost.VHOST_DEFAULT);
    IVHost vhost2 = VHostSingleton.getInstance(VHost.VHOST_DEFAULT);

    for(int sCount = 0; sCount < STREAM_SIZE; sCount++)
    Playlist p0 = new Playlist("playlist" + sCount);
    p0.addItem("mp3:" + sCount + ".mp3", 0, -1);
    Stream rsstream0 = Stream.createInstance(vhost0,"live","rsstream0");;
    IStreamActionNotify actionNotify0 = new StreamListener();
    else if(sCount<4)
    Playlist p1 = new Playlist("playlist" + sCount);
    p1.addItem("mp3:" + sCount + ".mp3", 0, -1);
    Stream rsstream1 = Stream.createInstance(vhost1,"live","rsstream1");;
    IStreamActionNotify actionNotify1 = new StreamListener();
    else if(sCount<6)
    Playlist p2 = new Playlist("playlist" + sCount);
    p2.addItem("mp3:" + sCount + ".mp3", 0, -1);
    Stream rsstream2 = Stream.createInstance(vhost2,"live","rsstream2");;
    IStreamActionNotify actionNotify2 = new StreamListener();

    what is the problem... . i have test all the stream url on all 3 different new windows of mozilla firefox by flash player
    here is the url for all different stream .



    Sagar Aher

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