I have a Silverlight player and I configure WMS to stream (VOD) mp4 video (h264 with aac) files:


Then I added in vod folder a mp3 audio file (00005_2013-10-09.mp3).

If I set stream path in Silverlight Player to: ""

I get an error in web browser: At least one stream is needed, no stream in manifest; 3222 Media Error has Accured

In WMS log I've got next error: ERROR server comment - MediaReaderFactory.getInstance: Missing definition for mp3smooth

I allready tested variation where I put mp3 audio in mp4 container and it works fine.

Is mp3 supported in VOD with Silverlight player? Did I need to set something in manifest file? Right now I think I don't have manifest file.
Did I miss something in application.xml file?

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I have a problem how to stream audio mp3 file. I allready tested mp4 video (h264 with aac) and it works.