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Thread: ffmpeg configuration for mp4 files

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    Default ffmpeg configuration for mp4 files

    I have mp4 file from my windows phone.

    There is info:
    Format : MPEG-4
    Format profile : Base Media / Version 2
    Codec ID : mp42

    Format : AVC
    Codec ID : avc1
    Codec ID/Info : Advanced Video Coding

    Format : AAC
    Format profile : LC
    Codec ID : 40
    Bit rate : 96.0 Kbps
    Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz

    When I stream it to wowza with next ffmpeg command ( I got it from documentation)
    ffmpeg -re -i "C:\sample2.mp4" -vcodec libx264 -vb 150000 -g 60 -vprofile main -level 2.1 -acodec aac -ab 64000 -ar 48000 -ac 2 -vbsf h264_mp4toannexb -f mpegts udp://

    In client app I see corrupted video:

    With sample file provided by wowza all works fine.
    Can you help me with ffmpeg configuring?
    I read documentation, but understand nothing.

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    This seems like an issue with your file as opposed to an ffmpeg issue.

    Did you test playback of the file as VOD with the sample player that ships with Wowza?

    Also you can test the file as progressive download and take Wowza and streaming out of the equation. Open the file in a web browser and see if the problem persists.

    If the file is misbehaving in these tests, you can look at this article:
    How to encode video on demand content


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