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    Default span notice from sever provider

    anyone know what the below message means? or what am I supposed to do about it? the only thing i use that server for is to serve video from wowza, there is no OS in use other than we installed wowza on linux and serve videos - period.


    Dear client,

    Our system noticed that one or more of your IPs, have been publicly blacklisted under the server 1438. Activities that go undetected can potentially be linked to spam, child pornography, violent threats, and phishing & malware.

    You can review the following link(s) to find more information and the possible solutions on removing your server IP from the blacklist:

    List blacklisted IP(s)

    Blacklisted IP(s) reference

    We do our best to secure all our servers to ensure that all activities follow the DMCA policy. Our system is managed in a way that it will detect all blacklisted IPs from a server and group them into one email alert to notify the user. Unfortunately, if your server IP(s) are still blacklisted within the next 72 hours, there is a possibility that we will disable your hosting service until this problem has been resolved.

    If you have any questions, please reply this email or contact your account manager as soon as possible.


    Host Team

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    We have no insight into this, Bob. It is related to an IP address and a hosting service.


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