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    So, I've got a stack up on Amazon. Current LicKey AMI, Transcoder add-on, streaming out through cloudfront. I have a MASSIVE delay. 40s. Not 40ms, 40 SECONDS.90 Seconds in some players, but always at least 40 (even in native mobile players)

    Incoming stream is RTMP from Adobe Flash Live Encoder.

    Is there an obvious misconfiguration that somebody can suggest off of the top of their head (I am running live-lowlatency) If not, I'll start posting configs until somebody sees something wrong.

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    You can lower the latency in HLS by adjusting the chunk duration for each HTTP client.
    Please find the tutorials for this below,
    How to configure Adobe HDS packetization (sanjosestreaming)
    How to configure Apple HLS packetization (cupertinostreaming)
    How to configure Microsoft Smooth Streaming packetization (smoothstreaming)

    The default values are in the relevant tutorial above if you have trouble streaming with those clients after editing the packetization.
    By default there is around a 30 second delay for HTTP clients, I know the Apple default chunk size is 10 seconds and the device requires 3 chunks before it will play the stream.


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