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    Default Windows Phone

    I know that this has been asked before, and I've searched all over the internet, but haven't found an answer - at least not the one I'm looking for.

    Is there any way to do a live stream from Wowza to a Windows Phone device, without using a custom player or app? Basically we are switching from Windows Media Player to Wowza and want to be able to play our live streams (mostly audio only) on Windows Phone devices. But everything I've read says you can't do it without creating a custom player.

    Is there no way on a windows phone to click a link on a website and have it open a live audio (or video) stream in the phone's native player using wowza?

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    Unfortunately there is no way of doing this on a Windows phone, which I'm aware of.
    The devices that support Microsoft Silverlight player are restricted to audio and video streams (audio only doesn't work and video only doesn't work).

    The later Windows phones don't have Silverlight player anymore by default so clients are having to install this manually but this will not help you as your streams are mostly audio only.
    You can find the link below if it's useful to you for your audio and video streams.
    Silverlight on Windows phone


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    According to this blog

    it seems that Windows Phone provide only a subset of silverlight and smooth streaming is included. I think that if a silvelight player is built using the silvelight version supported by windows phone it will play smooth streaming.
    If I'm in right, it will be interesting if the wowza player's samples will include a smooth player windows phone compatible.


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    Thanks for the feedback. We are working on this and I forwarded your comments internally.


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    Default Stream in Win phones

    Quote Originally Posted by rrlanham View Post

    Thanks for the feedback. We are working on this and I forwarded your comments internally.

    Do we have any solution by which we can stream to Windows Phones, searched around the net but its only possible using custom apps.

    Please suggest on how to stream to windows phone.


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    The off-the-shelf options are the smf project here and for Windows 8 and WP8 here,
    and you can also make use of some of the Expression templates.


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