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Thread: AMAZON AMI Launch not connecting.

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    Default AMAZON AMI Launch not connecting.

    We use the dev pay AMIs on the support pages, and today when we launch, our encoder (AFMLE) won't connect. Amazon changed their AWS Console interface, but I think we have it configured correctly (per our old config).

    The server seems to be reachable (pings), but encoder says it cannot find the server. Anyone have trouble with this? I recreated a security profile, but cannot figure out why we can't connect.

    We've been down all morning due to this. I wish AWS and/or WOWZA would send notification when they make changes.


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    I also had problems. The old Amis don't work with the new amazon configuration. There are new Amis. I could not get the server to work after several hours. Amazon support did not have a clue.

    You would think......given the extent of the aws/wowza partnership this would not happen. Our live streams are mission critical. I hope a solution it provided soon.

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    I'm having the same issue, hopefully there is a fix soon.

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    Our engineers are aware of the problem and are looking into it.

    It appears that Wowza has installed but has not tuned or configured the default applications. You should be able to manually tune and install the applications if you are in a hurry.



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    There is a known issue with the current version of the EC2 Management Console that does not work properly with the Wowza Media Server default startup package system. The work around is to specify the default startup package using the user data field as part of the AMI launch process. Do the following steps:

    In the Configure Instance Details step, open the Advanced Details section
    In the User data field enter the following user data and select the As text radio option


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