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Thread: Synchronizing audio/video stream with outside source

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    Default Synchronizing audio/video stream with outside source

    We have an application that streams audio/video with synchronized events. The Wowza documentation for injecting cuepoints was very helpful. The issue we're experiencing now is that when a user begins playing our audio/video, we want to know what was the most recent previous synchronized event, such that we can show the correct image, advertisement, etc. Our goal would be to create a mapping between chunknames and stream times in our application. I'm unable to find an interface to implement that provides for listening to the packetizer and sending a message when a new chunk starts. Otherwise, is there a way to name the chunks such that their name reflects the overall stream time when they started? I see that through a configuration change the chunks can be named with the stream time. Is something like this possible without recording the data?

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    Are you using Flash RTMP player, or Flash HTTP player? Wowza packetizing in chunks for Flash HTTP (sanjose), but I don't think there is a way to hook into sanjose chunk creation. Flash RTMP players are the easiest to integrate with cue points.


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    We are using a Flash HTTP Player. We were moving towards delivering all streams over HTTP. In the past we've used RTMP and this was a non-issue. Do you have any other recommendations regarding getting the actual stream duration from any of the HTTP formats? This is likely a situation that we'll encounter as we begin bringing the other HTTP formats online in the near future.

    Thanks again, Richard!

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