We stream live audio and video with some synchronized events that are external to the stream. Currently we synchronize the events using cuepoints in Flash streams. This works exceptionally well, thanks to the Wowza documentation. However, the issue we're facing is that when the stream first starts, we don't know which was the most recent previous synchronized event that occurred in order to show the event (image, text, or advertisment that matches up to the content that is currently playing).

We're using the Flash HTTP Dynamic Streaming and the delay comes into play because our playlist is, for example, 2 minutes long. Therefore, each particpant can be up to 2 minutes behind + <delay in receiving stream from our CDN> in viewing the streaming content. Therefore, we don't want to show the wrong synchronized content.

Our thought was to create a mapping between segment names and overall streamtime, such that we can get the first segment's name in our player and determine what the overall actual streamtime is and find teh correct event to display. Our player does not have a notion of the overall stream time, instead it just seems to interpret the stream's time since the player began playing it. In order to create a mapping between segment names and overall stream time, we'd need an event to be fired inside Wowza each time a segment is created. We did not see anything in the Wowza API for this.

Perhaps we're going about this all wrong, we'd be open to any suggestions as to the best way to get what we need out of Wowza.

Thanks in a advance for your assistance!