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Thread: Problems with stream recording

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    Exclamation Problems with stream recording


    We run an instance on EC2. We are recording FLVs from a small flash client on our server. Everything works fine, but a lot of videos get recorded without sound and the picture being black. If I load the respective FLV locally the VLC Player it says the codec is "undf", and it can't replay the video.
    Since we noticed this, we are analyzing the clients of our users. It seems that everybody who uses Windows 8 is not able to record a video. Do you have any clue on what this might depend on and if there is a workaround? Is it possible that the codecs on windows 8 are not the right ones and we should do something with the uploaded stream on server side?

    Any help would be appriciated, don't hesitate to contact me!



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    Hi Istvan,

    Is your Flash client recording the files locally and you are uploading them to Wowza afterwards, or you are using your Flash client to publish a stream to Wowza, and the recording is done on Wowza side?


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    No we publish it as a stream, and the recording is on server side!
    Although I have to confess, we are not so sure about that this is a windows 8 Problem..
    We have no idea in the meanwhile why some videos get black. Ultimately it is also possible that users are not aware of the small hint of chrome that additionally pops up. But sill, sometimes even with IE the video does record only black.

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