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Thread: AMI Performance Tuning

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    Lightbulb AMI Performance Tuning

    Created Wowza AMI from AWS Marketplace.
    If you look into, "-server" option is on, which is suggested as the tuning-guide here.

    In previous tests, i found memory quite an issue.
    So i'm using m2.4xlarge instance.

    Instance Family Instance Type Processor Arch vCPU ECU Memory (GiB) Instance Storage (GB) EBS-optimized Available Network Performance
    Memory optimized m2.4xlarge 64-bit 8 26 68.4 2 x 840 Yes High

    For testing, a live streamer located at the same region with Wowza server.
    Every 1 minute, add 5 new streams (each of 500kbps~1.1mbps content) to the Wowza server.
    I managed to reach 150 live concurrent streams to Wowza server.
    Can't move further because the resource of my streamer ran out first before Wowza.

    Server Utilization:
    CPU usage about 37%~38%
    Memory is still quite sufficient (sorry i forgot the exact number)
    10Gbps network interface (bandwidth not a problem )

    My question is how about the official tests?
    So my Wowza can provide about 450 incoming streams, is that correct?

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    For that instance type I would follow the guidance in the Tuning Guide and not depend on auto-tuning. The VHost.xml changes detailed in the tuning guide are not done automatically. I would review the whole guide.

    450 is a lot of incoming live streams. The limiting factor for incoming live streams is cpu and memory. I'm not sure if it will work. There is no official test of any of the EC2 instance types for that or other scenarios, and the only load testing tool we provide creates RTMP live or vo playback load only. In other words, you will have to test live: ramp-up and monitor closely using JConsole/JMX.


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