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Thread: web service accessibility on trial version?

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    Question web service accessibility on trial version?

    Can the wowza web services be accessed for the trial version? If so, what should I use as the url? I've tried http://mywowzaip/wowzaprows?wsdl but I just get the message 'Wowza Media Server 3 Trial Edition '

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    Yes you can use this Server Listener with the trial version:
    How to add a web service interface to Wowza Media Server and integrate with .NET (dotNet)


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    Thanks. Sounds like I'll have to build some java files in order to get this to run though correct?

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    You can download a pre-built version of this web service here: WebService.

    Copy the .jar file from the lib folder of the download and paste it into [install-dir]/lib folder and follow the rest of that guide


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    I did that but it's not responding for http://wowza_domain:9091/wowzaserverws?wsdl
    I've opened 9091 port on the firewall

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    Appears to be an issue with the machine in the cloud getting the port opened. Non-wowza issue. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the update on your situation.

    If you need help in the future please don't hesitate to ask.


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