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Thread: how to play on demand .mp3 file flashplayer using rtsp:// protocol ?

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    Post how to play on demand .mp3 file flashplayer using rtsp:// protocol ?

    hi , i want url to play .mp3 file on demand using rtsp:// protocol on flashplayer.
    following is the url which play successfully .

    On Demand:

    Over RTP protocol (tested with VLC and Flash Player)
    rtsp://localhost:1935/aod/mp3:1.mp3 --- for vlc player
    rtmp://localhost:1935/aod/mp3:2.mp3 --- for flashrtmpplayer

    Over HTTP protocol (tested with VLC and Windows Media Player)


    but ,i want rtsp:// protocol , i have try below link on flash player but it can't play

    link :-
    1) rtsp://localhost:1935/aod/mp3:2.mp3/manifest.4fm
    2) rtsp://localhost:1935/aod/mp3:2.mp3/playlist.m3u8
    3) rtsp://localhost:1935/aod/mp3:2.mp3

    plz tell me correct url only for on - demand flash player

    Sagar Aher
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    Flash Player does not support RTSP. Are you sure you require RTSP and not RTMP or Flash/HTTP streaming?

    Take a look at this tutorial on How to set up video on demand streaming which explains the configuration and playback options using Flash/RTMP, Flash/RTSP, Apple HLS, Silverlight and RTSP playback. I think you will find the playback examples particularly helpful. You can apply the same approach to audio files that are described for video in this tutorial.

    I hope you find this helpful.



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