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Thread: Audio only delivery from video file using Wowza Server.

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    Question Audio only delivery from video file using Wowza Server.

    Hi There

    I have video file with 1 video track and 1 audio track.

    From client side I want to disable video track and deliver audio only from the mp4 video file using Wowza server.

    The use case I have is, if bandwidth is low on devices like iPhone, Users will click mute video button so that server will stop streaming video track and keep delivering audio track.

    Is this possible using wowza, I do not want to use tools like ffmpeg because we have a large set of vod video files and use of ffmpeg will be overkilling.

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    Have a look at this article:
    How to create Apple App Store compliant streams (audio only rendition)

    This method is automatic, not user initiated.

    If you are not worried about app store compliance you disregard the details about audio sample rate:
    "As long as the audio portion of the live or video on demand stream is 64 Kbps or less, the stream will conform to Apple AppStore 3G rules."


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