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Thread: Multiple HostPort comma delimited ports not working

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    Default Multiple HostPort comma delimited ports not working

    I have the trial, top HostPort port has 1935 by default. Tried to add ', 80' to the port and now rtmp connection fails.

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    Please can you post that section of the VHost.xml so we can see it.


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    				<!-- Separate multiple ports with commas -->
    				<!-- 80: HTTP, RTMPT -->
    				<!-- 554: RTSP -->
    				<Port>1935, 80</Port>
    					<!-- suggested settings for video on demand applications -->
    					<!-- suggest settings for low latency chat and video recording applications
    					<!-- <TrafficClass>0</TrafficClass> -->
    					<!-- <OobInline>false</OobInline> -->
    					<!-- <SoLingerTime>-1</SoLingerTime> -->
    					<!-- <TcpNoDelay>false</TcpNoDelay> -->
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    Take a look at [install-dir]/logs/wowzamediaserver_access.log. When Wowza attempts to startup, do you see anything that looks like this?

    Bind failed, try again ([any]:80): Address already in use: bind
    Wowza can't share a port with another server application. Do you have anything else running on the server that's listening on port 80?


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