we have a vod setup (wowza3 + jwplayer) with some amount of mobile customers. since mobile customers are very sensitive to the data traffic volumes, we would like to introduce an option for them to be able to limit their maximum bitrate. a typical smil file would contain links to 7-8 different files encoded with bitrates up to 4-5 Mbits/s. However typical mobile customer might be fine with 1 Mbit/s bitrate for some type of the content.

One of the ways to solve this problem would be to create different smil-files each containing increased number of links to the vod files. So,
a1.smil will contain link to the 1st lowest bitrate file
a2.smil will contain link to the 1st lowest bitrate file and the second lowest bitrate file

However this approach creates other difficulties with other setup. Due to some technical reasons we cannot use wowza-generated jwplayer rss files, but generate them on our own. Our content is usually having 3-4 different audio-streams, so we generally have b0.rss pointing to the smil file with audioindex=0, b1.rss point to the smil file with audioindex=1 etc

as soon as we combine those 2 approaches we will end up with huge amount of rss and smil files pointing to different bitrates and audioindexes, which is hard to manage in the end.

So, my question is - how is it possible to control maximum bitrate which can be played back with specific url arguments to the vod url? i.e. audioindex argument provides a way to select correct audio stream, is there something like maxbitrate argument which will limit playback to the specified bitrate or is there any other solution which can be used in our setup which will not generate few dozens of smil and rss files?