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Thread: How much longer will the stream be valid after the encoder is stopped?

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    Default How much longer will the stream be valid after the encoder is stopped?

    Hi there

    We have a live-dvr event on client's web page.
    When the live event is on, user can scroll back to watch the recording video.
    After we stop the encoder, user can still see the stream for sometime.
    What my client's need is that they hope user can still watch the steam for couple hours
    after the live event is finished

    Is there any setting for the duration of stream after encoder is stopped?

    Thanks a lot.


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    once you stop the live event, recording as dvr will be there as long as you want. if dvr is set to delete, next time you start same live stream, dvr will be deleted.
    Ideally, you can do 2 things
    a) record dvr with a different name instead of using stream name, so you'll have it as long as you want
    b) record the live event as a mp4 file (on top of having dvr recording)

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