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Thread: WOWZA server sends ICMP unreachable responses

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    Default WOWZA server sends ICMP unreachable responses

    hi All

    We have seen WOWZA server sends ICMP unreachable responses to many IP addresses in the LAN, and Intrution Prevention System is blocking it.

    Is it normal ?

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    ICMP unreachable responses are normally sent by a router or firewall. It would be a configuration that is outside of Wowza.


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    Default hi

    hi Roger,

    we have seen wowza server ip as the source, please see screenshot for your reference.
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    Unfortunately the link you provided didn't point to a screenshot as intended.
    As the link didn't work correctly it was displaying adverts from the websites home page so I removed it.
    Please can you open a ticket by emailing

    When creating a ticket please attach a zipped copy of the [Wowza-Install]/conf/ and [Wowza-Install]/logs/ directories for analysis.
    You can also attach the screenshot to this email.


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