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Thread: Wowza + Transcoder + Origin-Edge + Load balancer + JWplayer + Security ...

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    Default Wowza + Transcoder + Origin-Edge + Load balancer + JWplayer + Security ...


    Currently we use, for all the satisfaction Wowza in this setting:

    Encoder [FMLE] -> one bitrate stream [SD] -> Origin -> 2 Edges [load balanced] -> (RTMP) -> one bitrate stream -> JWplayer [5.x, flash]
    Security: SecureToken + HotlinkDenial module

    Unfortunately this setting is only applicable to flash. Today is the time of the tablets and smartphones (Android, iOS). We want set up something like this:

    Encoder [FMLE] -> one bitrate stream [HD 720p] -> Origin -> Edges [load balanced] -> (RTMP + "HLS" + "HDS"? + RTSP?) -> multi-bitrate streams -> JWplayer [6.x, flash + html5]
    But how to set up secure HTTP? We broadcast paid live sport events. No one can steal our stream or embed our player.
    Another issue. We'd like start to use your Wowza Transcoder AddOn. Send only one stream from encoder to server (save the bandwidth). Then transrate stream to another (720p -> 720p + 480p + 360p) like Youtube. Where is the AddOn set? On Origin? On Edges? On all servers?
    I have read a lot of forum threads, but still do not understand how to setup all together. I need advice on what to look for.


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    There are a couple options here in terms of security. First I'd suggest looking at our Media Security Guide as it has a lot of good information along this front. Ideally you could implement DRM solution for optimal security on the stream (and possibly StreamLock). Alternatively you can implement customized access using our Server-Side API to control it (See the corresponding section within the media security guide).

    As far as the Transcoder AddOn, I'd suggest setting it up to transrate on the origin and using smil files on the edges.

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