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Thread: Understanding adaptive (vod) streaming

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    Question Understanding adaptive (vod) streaming

    I see in the documentation the following:

    Adaptive bitrate (ABR) live streaming to Adobe® Flash® Player, Apple iOS devices, and Microsoft Silverlight requires that you have an encoder that can generate multiple bitrate streams from the same source with properly aligned key frames. You also must create a Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) file that links the streams together for playback.

    Does this mean that something like the Transcoder is needed to accomplish adaptive video ondemand streaming video/audio? Also, I'm unclear in the smil example how my streams should be recorded given the different stream names.


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    For VOD you can use something like Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 to encode the multi-bitrate renditions of the file.

    For live streaming it is more bandwidth efficient to send one large stream to Wowza and have the Transcoder encode the stream and create the different renditions for ABR.

    For the .smil file, you will need all the files of the multi-bitrate set located in the same folder as the .smil file, and you match the names of the files to the "video src" in the .smil file.

    			<video src="myStream_360p" system-bitrate="850000"/>
    			<video src="myStream_160p" system-bitrate="200000"/>
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    So how does it work with Expression Encoder? Does it encode the multi-bitrate files on the fly or is that more like how Transcoder would work? We basically want to record the video and immediately be able to play it back in adaptive bitrates.

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    Assuming you are talking about a live stream, the simplest and most reliable way to do this is to use a StreamType of "live-record" and use the Wowza Transcoder.

    Follow the guide here to set up the Transcoder for ABR streaming:
    Wowza Transcoder

    This guide will show you how to create and play SMIL files with streams created by Wowza Transcoder


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    Well, I don't think that our workflow is live stream since we are not streaming a recording directly to users. Unless I'm misunderstanding the concept, we would be considered video on demand since we are streaming to a file into Wowza and then playing back that file whether it be 2 seconds or days later. Do I have this wrong?

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    Note: the second link I provided is used for origin/edge configurations where the NGRP(StreamNameGroup) created by the Transcoder, is not supported on the edge. This method is not necessary if you are not using this type of configuration.


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    So it sounds like since we're not considered to be live streaming we wouldn't use Transcoder correct? If that is the case, it sounds like we would have to programmatically make a call via web services or powershell to execute Expression encoder or ffmpeg on the video file in order to create the multi-bitrates. Is this the only way based on the workflow I described previously?

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    What is the source of the stream?
    Is it coming from an IP camera or live encoder? Or is it a pre-existing video file?

    If you are capturing the source and recording it then you would want to use the Transcoder to create the ABR set.

    If the video file already exists then you will want to use Expression encoder to create the ABR set.


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    We will record (via HDFVR in a website) a users webcam and mic. This will be recorded to a file in Wowza and then that file is played back sometime after it's complete.

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    Sounds like maybe we would we still use Transcoder if we are recording to a file from a webcam via a recorder?

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