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Thread: Suggestion for live stream encoder

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    Default Suggestion for live stream encoder

    We have an application that plays a continuous loop of our own content 24 hours a day in a computer. This is just a low quality video and audio and there's about 4-5 concurrent users during the day. Right now, we use Windows Media Encoder to broadcast this content over the internet to our viewers. The way to stream this is using Windows Media Player through http or mms. The windows media encoder captures the content player's window and the default audio card in the PC

    We now want to upgrade and allow users to access this content through cellphones or tablets (maybe using RTSP or if you have better suggestions). I'm new to wowza and just happened to read about this while doing my research. What I'm understanding is that I would need some encoder that would send data to the Wowza Server and the wowza server will take care of delivering content to users. Can anyone suggest a good live encoder that would work for our situation. Capture a screen from the desktop and audio from the default sound card and send this to wowza.

    Also, is it possible to have both the encoder and wowza server in the same PC? What would be a good specs to handle this load?

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    Pleas take a look at this video tutorial showing you how to use an encoder with Wowza server:

    In this example, the encoder is using a local video file and broadcasts it to Wowza as a live stream. You can also have the encoder conenct to your PC connected camera or broadcast your desktop screen capture.

    Also take a look at these articles explaining how to configure your Wowza server for:
    VOD streaming:
    Live streaming using a RTMP encoder:
    RTSP encoder:
    MPEG-TS encoder:

    The full list of tutorials is available here:

    You can also use VLC as an encoder. Take a look at this article:

    I hope this info helps.


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