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Thread: Excessive bandwidth usage

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    Question Excessive bandwidth usage

    I had a H264+AAC stream sent to a Wowza server and transrated into three streams (using Wowza's transcoder addon), which were: 1264kbps, 564kbps, and 164kbps.

    During playback on the client (flash player) we noticed:

    1) Bandwidth would peak to ~5000kbps. When the video was sending a still screen, such as a slide, it would lower to ~500kbps; otherwise it would rise back up to the ~5000kbps range.

    2) When we apply a bandwidth limiter on the client (flash player) PC, and cap the bandwidth to 2000kbps we would get buffering every ten to twenty seconds even though this is well above the highest stream's bitrate.

    Would someone please help point me in the right direction to fix these behaviors?
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    I am not sure how you are measuring the bandwidth usage, but measuring a single stream is not really a very accurate way of testing do to overhead. A good way of doing testing would be to use the Load Test Tool:
    How to get Flash RTMP Load Test Tool


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    Our team uses two different software packages for bandwidth meters and capping: NetLimiter and SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager. And one team member uses a router's firmware for capping bandwidth.

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    You can use this HTTPProvider to get connection counts and IO performance.

    You can also use VLC over RTSP to monitor a single streams bitrate. On windows Tools/Codec Info on Mac Window/Media Info/Codec Info.


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