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Thread: pushing one rendition as RTMP

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    Default pushing one rendition as RTMP

    Hi there ... I've a question regarding Transcoder, as I've done following, but it's not reliable, so I'm not sure it's supposed to work

    I've a high bitrate source coming in to Transcoder, and I'm getting 3 rendition: Source, Medium and Low
    I'm streaming them out using HLS with a group name .. .no problem, works as a charm

    Now, I need to get one of the renditions out as RTMP. Only one of them, and it needs to be pulled by another Wowza or pushed out by transcoder one.
    I've been able to play it using RTMP
    Being the group streaming as following: http://wowza_ip:port/application/ngr.../playlist.m3u8 and 3 rendtions being mystream_source, mystream_medium and mystream_low

    I've been able to stream by rtmp following rtmp://wowza_iport/application/mystream_low ... I get the rtmp stream, and I pull it out by another Wowza for some specific work over it. But I keep getting the stream disconnected while the HLS stream keeps working fine.

    Question is: Can I pull a rendition out by RTMP?

    If not, how can I accomplish to record through nDVR on another server for one of the renditions (not source but lower quality)?


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    Pulling an RTMP stream is not a problem. This article explains the process: How to re-stream an unprotected stream from Adobe Media Server or a CDN (Don't let the title mislead you. This article explains how to pull from a Wowza server, which is fundamentally the same as pulling from a CDN or other RTMP server).

    What is your indication that the RTMP being pulled has disconnected? Do you have any log statements related to the disconnect on either server? Does it stream consistently in a test RTMP player (from the origin)? What are the network conditions between the origin and the edge?

    If you need to record a rendition of a single Transcoder stream, you can use Live Stream Record (on the origin or the edge) or you can configure your edge application for nDVR which will record the stream being pulled.


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    As a follow up to my earlier post, be sure to take a look at the this article: How to configure a live stream repeater. This article describes how to configure live stream repeater (origin/edge) applications, which also applies to your original request.


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