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    Question Moving recorded files

    I see ModuleMediaWriterFileMover but we need to store the files in a folder named with the current days date. I also see IMediaWriterActionNotify for programmatic moving of files. It sounds like I have to write a custom class, build it and add it to the application configuration. Is this the only way to move files with a variable path? Any options with web services or powershelling in? We use windows server.

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    That's correct this will require come custom coding on your part to point to a new directory based on the date the file was written.
    Should you want to write this yourself you will need the Wowza IDE2

    Alternatively you can contact an independent consultant through our Find a consultant forum or email making a request for our independent consultants list.

    For others reading this thread, the articles mentioned above are:
    How to move recordings from live streams (ModuleMediaWriterFileMover)
    How to use IMediaWriterActionNotify to programmatically move and rename recordings of live streams.


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