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    Iam working on a setup for a live broadast using the jwplayer 6 (pro) as player and the GoCoder-App (1.2.1) on iOS 7. The stream works perfectly on iOS devices and on desktops with the jwplayer when using the rtmp protocol. But for some strange reason the stream does not play in the jwplayer on desktops when i use HLS. The spinner spins indefinitely. and unfortunately there are no errors shown anywhere. to debug this i have switched the encoder from GoCoder to Wirecast. With Wirecast as encoder the HLS stream plays without any issues in the jwplayer using the identical configuration. Now iam wondering what i could have done wrong with the GoCoder?

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    Are there any relevant messages in Wowza logs when you are publishing using the GoCoder app?


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    Hi Zoran, no, there are no relevant messages in the Wowza logs.

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    When using the GoCoder iPhone app, can you play back the Wowza HLS output stream using VLC player?


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    I am having exactly the same issue. I thought I mistyped something in the link originally but after painstakingly going over ever little detail in my test environment I realized that it was the GoCoder software that was causing the issue.

    I checked the stream on VLC Players using the HLS and RTSP protocol and both work fine with the GoCoder. I also checked the follow browsers and here are the results.

    GoCoder does not work on the following browsers and JW Player 6:
    IE - 8,9, 10, 11
    Chrome - 31.0

    Encoder: GoCoder
    Video Resolution: 320x240 w/ audio.

    Safari - 6.0.3 - Works fine

    I should mention that every things works as expected with Wirecast and all the above mentioned browsers.

    Please advise.


    I should also mention that it works fine on iOS devices.

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    Is the Safari browser you are testing on a different machine than IE and Chrome? What player? I would test with Wowza example Flash RTMP player.

    GoCoder as the encoder is not directly involved with players and browsers, so I would look at possible port problems, firewall issues.


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